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Welcome to Scolapasta

Scolapasta is a family owned farm to table Italian bistro that marries old world Italian cooking traditions with modern flare. We want to share some of our age old family traditions with your family. Our traditions date back to a time where all of the ingredients for a meal came from a family's own backyard or fresh from the local market. A time where everything was grown by farmers with their own hands and hard work; A time where everything was fresh and organic.

At Scolapasta we aim to recreate those old world traditions. We may not be going to the local market, but on a daily basis we call on our local farmers to get the freshest ingredients we can find. Together with our local vendors, we ensure that Scolapasta carries the highest quality in-season produce, grass feed beef, free range chicken, and seafood from sustainable sources. Desserts at Scolapasta change often and incorporate ingredients and produce related to each season.

Come experience a trip back in time and enjoy a meal cooked with the freshest local ingredients and the same passion and love that Nonna showed when cooking for her grandchildren. If you're lucky you may even find yourself at Nonna's original table...

Farm to Table

We buy from local providers to acquire the freshest ingredients.

Staying True

Merging old recipes with modern ingredients, we want to take you back to that special place.

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